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FAST Defense Program

FAST Defense, acronym for Fear Adrenal Stress Training is a simple step-by-step process class that allows students to recondition their normal negative fear/freeze responses into those of amazing strength and power. Since the adrenal rush is a natural instinctual reaction to a stressful situation, the trick is learning to harness and focus all that power into one’s self defense. Yet almost all self defense classes are based on complicated techniques that fail in real situations! The crucial Missing Link is about learning that adrenaline can be our best friend when we are trained correctly.

Students learn the following techniques:

  • Awareness skills that allow you to detect a potential threat before it occurs.
  • What to do in a worse case scenario should you find yourself physically attacked. You will learn simple and effective strikes to vulnerable areas on the attackers body and practice them live while in the Adrenal state.
  • You will learn effective verbal skills to de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.


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Student Testimonials

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