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The core curriculum for our kids program is to drive the principles of self-discipline, respect, teamwork, leadership, perseverance and a non-quit spirit. We use the format and mission of our Kyokushin Karate program to achieve this goal. A big aspect of the program is functional athletic training. This not only serves your child in their Martial Arts class but in all their sport programs. Our goal is to not only make your child physically strong but mentally as well. Many of our children excel and dominate in their school classes and sports programs because of the skill sets they develop from the class. We offer an award winning anti-bully and self- defense program for our children as well as providing a safe environment to nurture exceptional little fighters.



Children’s Mixed Martial Arts & Kyokushin Karate:

Dear Parents,

My name is Anthony Codispoti, Owner and Head Instructor at The Phoenix Way.  Empowering children is my mission at The Phoenix Way.  I learned long ago that if I could instill confidence in my students they could accomplish ANYTHING!  I take this mission extraordinarily serious.  I offer you the opportunity to come in and see for yourself what I am doing first hand.

“I will increase your child’s confidence, self esteem, teach them to avoid peer pressure, increase their motor skills, teach them to defend themselves, how to handle bullies, teach them life skills that will last a lifetime and much, much more.”

Team Sports vs. Martial Arts… Which program has a greater lifetime impact on your child???

Did you know that Martial Arts is 10 times better than Team Sports in developing a child’s self esteem and confidence? Our program can and WILL help your child increase their confidence, self-esteem, discipline, while teaching them life skills that will last them a lifetime. (Let me explain why you MUST come see our program for yourself. It will be the best thing that you’ll ever do for your child.)

In our program you child will be able to progress at their very own pace. We understand that everyone learns differently. No matter if your child can only train once a week or everyday we have the program that will fit your needs.


* Your name and email address will not be sold, shared, or disclosed to anyone. We promise to respect your privacy *

Are you doing everything you can to…..

To arm your child to succeed in life?

To help them be the best they can be in school?

To develop their self-confidence?

To assist them in developing their unique potential?

To learn self discipline?

Most parents do everything they can to teach these things to their children. But after school many parents need some help. The 2-4 hours that kids spend after school before their parents get home are some of the most important hours in a child’s life.

“I will increase your child’s confidence, self esteem, teach them to avoid peer pressure, increase their motor skills, teach them to defend themselves, how to handle bullies, teach them life skills that will last a lifetime and much, much more.”

How Is Your Child Spending Their Time After School?

Lets look at this example: The average child spends 3-4 hours somewhere after school before their parents get home. A child that goes from 1st to 7th grade will spend 200 days a year in school- This doesn’t even include the 8 hours a day for the 2-3 months of summer vacation.

200 days x 3 hours = 600 hours a year a child spends doing what?

Some go to babysitters. Some go home to play with their friends doing whatever they want. Many just sit in front of the television. Others get into serious trouble. Not our students.

Let’s put this into perspective… Between the 1st and 7th grade a child spends on average 4200 hours doing basically nothing productive. This time is more valuable than you realize. In 4200 hours you could graduate from college, get your Masters Degree and your Ph.D. So why wouldn’t you let your child spend this valuable time learning skills that will last a lifetime?

When our kids get out of school, their parents know that their child is being trained in real Life Skills. With our busy 21st century schedules, it’s hard to find the time and the resources to really help them with these important life skills. You would think and expect that they would learn about perseverance, positive mental attitudes, self-discipline, and goal setting in school, but they really don’t.

Students who attend The Phoenix Way Martial Arts classes are a step up on others because we teach them about these important life skills and how to develop them to their fullest! Success traits that will pay off for the rest of their lives.

Our Program Can Change Your Childs Life!!!!

You’re probably wondering, how? How could one activity have such an impact on my child? Well, it’s incredible, but true. The martial arts, combining Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, is not only a sport that can be enjoyed throughout a lifetime, but can also improve your quality of life!

Our Martial Arts program incorporating Karate, Jiu-Jitsu and Judo will arm your child with a host of positive mental and physical skills that will help him in school, at home and in life.

Even if your child is involved in sports, it may not be enough. Recent studies show that programs like ours that focus on personal achievement are vastly more effective than team sports!

In our program, we don’t believe in just teaching children to punch and kick. We work to help build your child’s character.During classes, you’ll see your child’s energy, confidence, and spirit rise while he or she becomes strong and confident. We’re not just talking about physical strength–but the kind of strength it takes to resist peer pressure and other negative aspects of life.

You’ll see a new kind of discipline emerging . . . the kind that will positively affect all areas of his or her life. You’ll notice an increased respect for others, and most importantly, for herself. The result? A powerful mind/body connection that makes them unstoppable in life! Your child will learn to succeed!

Come Visit Us

I would like to invite you to stop by our facility and meet with me to get a free student-parent conference so we can see if our program is a good fit for you. I want to make sure we can meet your needs (I’m confident we can).

Please call me 732-383-8428 and schedule your free conference now, because these spots in our Martial Arts program don’t last very long. I’d hate for you and your child to miss out on being a part of this program because you wanted to wait.

There’s absolutely no obligation and this conference is completely free. All I’m asking is that you give me a call to schedule a good time for you to pop by so we can discuss your goals and what we can do for your child to ensure we meet your family’s needs.

If that sounds good to you, please give me a call at this number:


When you call, ask for me, Anthony. I’ll be happy to hear from you!

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