The Phoenix Way

Who We Are

We know that there’s more to training than kicking and punching. We help people find their voices and when they find their voice they become more confident and when they become more confident, they can have better control over their life. Not just on the mat but in the real world.

You Will Get

Instruction from instructors that want to see you succeed. If you don’t succeed then we don’t. All of our instructors work hard to make sure you will reach your fullest potential.

A place that leaves the “ego” at the door. We here at the The Phoenix Way pride ourselves in the fact that we welcome everyone. All of our students train hard and at the same time work well with each other so everyone can improve together. That is how everyone grows so well.

A place that has your comfort in mind. We are always trying to make sure our students are comfortable. We encourage our members to let us know if they are having any problems and we will do our best to fix it. We are always trying to receive feedback from our students so we can make The Phoenix Way a place for them to always want to be at.

A place where you can reach your goals. If you want to lose weight. This is the place for you. If you just wanted something fun and different to try then The Phoenix Way is the right place for you. Whether you are new, experienced, big, small, young, old, male, or female we welcome everyone and we do our best to make sure you enjoy your time spent with us.

A place that is not just a martial arts school, but also a family. The Phoenix Way is a growing family. As soon as you walk in our doors you are a part of our family and we welcome you and everyone else with open arms.

Join and Recieve

  • A diverse curriculum including: Mixed Martial Arts, Kyokushin Karate, Boxing, Jiu-jitsu, Judo and Conditioning programs.
  • Access to our private forum where you can watch technique videos along with your peers training. ( This will be up and running soon )


* Your name and email address will not be sold, shared, or disclosed to anyone. We promise to respect your privacy *

Founder, Headmaster
Anthony Codispoti
Years of Experience

Anthony has dedicated the greater part of his adult life teaching the martial arts. He began his formal training in Kyokushin Karate under his mentor and friend Kancho Dan Soller, 8th Dan Phoenix Karate. Over the past 31 years he has aligned himself with amazing mentors and teachers in many styles. To name a few: Shigueru Oyama out of New York City, specializing in full contact Kyokushin Karate, Bill Kipp out of Colorado, specializing in reality based self-defense training, Renzo Gracie, New York/New Jersey specializing in Jiu-Jitsu to Rodney King from South Africa, specializing in boxing and the complete fight game.

The Martial Arts is Anthony’s true vehicle to reach and inspire others to go after their dreams and to a renewed sense of confidence, physical fitness and personal growth. He feels that his journey of training, learning and exploring is not only there to serve in his personal development but his students development as well. His core teaching is grounded in the hard style of Kyokushin Karate but believes in keeping with the times using new aged training methodologies to maintain a current and effective program. He has developed his training around a mixed martial arts platform to reflect a more complete fighter and warrior.

Student Testimonials

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